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Co-Founder and President - Octane AI

Ben Parr is the bestselling author of "Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention" (HarperCollins) and the President and Co-Founder of Octane AI, the Messenger & SMS marketing platform for ecommerce.

He was previously Co-Editor of Mashable, columnist & commentator at CNET, an advisor to Lufthansa Airlines, and a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30.

Title of speech: 

How the World's Top Ecommerce Brands Captivate the Attention of Consumers

Short description of speech: 

Glossier. Casper. ThirdLove. Leesa. A new generation of direct-to-consumer brands are breaking out and captivating the attention of consumers.

But how are they doing it?

Ben will use the  framework he developed in his book "Captivology" to break down the successful strategies top ecommerce brands implement to grow their businesses and how they can be applied to any ecommerce and DTC business.